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About Photography / Hobbyist Kailen Conner "Sniper" Taylor Mitchael Manx18/Male/United Kingdom Group :iconminecraft-modders: Minecraft-Modders
You make or mod it, we add it!
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.:Vriska and Terezi:. by xVillareynax

OK, 5th critique. That bit was for wasting words, takes alot of words (100) to bypass the Critique... It's good to see some Fanart of o...

Nightmare by Derlaine8

This is in my favourites due to reminding me of War the Horseman's Fiery steed, Ruin, off Darksiders. These have to be my favourite myt...

Pencil Vs Camera - 66 by BenHeine

Seriously, only a man with the mind of Jesus could pull this off. I have to admit, this really was worth a favourite, and is so amazing...

This has really made my day :D I lol'd at it, boing, bong, THUD! I find your work rather good, though only having just watched you, I'm ...


Getting back into The Game
Dridix (OC) by Sniperkin
Will I buy Propane accessories in a burger truck? by Sniperkin
Basically, I wanna try and do a proper commission, via Paint.exe ((Cos I can't buy anything else)), as such, this'll be cheap AS, and it'll be B&W. I'll add colour for 10 points, and shading for, you guessed it, a further 10 points. I'll be doing it with the mouse, and when I've got the time, too. I'm sure I can improve on these, but, for now, I'll start with Paint. Oh, and yes, I'll be doing ponies ((They'll not look good, at all, cos I'm not good with Ponies)). Mustache 


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Kailen Conner "Sniper" Taylor Mitchael Manx
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
I'm a specialized minecrafter with a thirst for Building. I am usually a good and not usually bad tempered adolescent, but don't get on my bad side. I am in a special residential school unit in Penarth called Headlands School. I hope to get a job in gaming, and have several tasks I attempt to do before I die. I also suffer from ADHD, and Aspergers Syndrome, and have a Mild case of both. I can be QUITE random, so be prepared.


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13 / 2,396
Right, so, I need these points for a 12-month prem membership, if you send one, that is GREATLY accepted, and I will always be in your dept. Anyways, here's what you can get with the right amount of points: Art trades are ENTIRELY free, as long as you do your end of the bargain first. If I have already trusted you, and you ask to do it after, I am more than happy to do my best at what you ask me to do. 2D Pixelart is priced at 1-3 points, as I haven't got the best of pixelart making talents. Unmodded requests are worth 4-5 points, like buildings or 3D pixelart. Modded requests are 6 points and up, but sometimes they take a while, depending on what computer I'm using. Also, depending on what they are, and how many blocks they took to build, unmodded BUILDINGS, like castles or houses, are 1 point per 150 blocks. So a house with 1500 blocks will be 10 points. However, Modded ones cost a lot more, and, no matter the amount of blocks used, consist from 25-30 points, depending on how difficult it was, how long it took, and what mod you asked to be used. Minecraft skins will cost 16-20 points, as I am still learning on them. When I reach my goal, the prices will be MUCH cheaper, but no worry, I do not charge real money for them, just points. Oh, and I am almost always on Minecraft, as you can see. Your requests, when done, will be published when you donate the points. I will always tag you in the picture you requested, and will never make it bad. I will not finish till I think it's as good as possible. If I'm nice, I might let you off with the Pixelart. Simple pictures off Paint and Muro cost a llama, but they aren;t the best of pics.

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Hope you're having a nice countdown to Smissmas/Perigee/((Pony Christmas thingy))/Or any other bloody Christmas!

By the 20th-23rd, I'll have a nice present, unwrapped and ready for you lovely watchers. Isle of Manalasa is on a MASSIVE pause, until I have the time to update everything, and I should be able to access Steam more properly, soon....

So, all in all, Merry Smissmas from Sniperofthebrine and co, and have a Happy New Year.
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